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How to add a Strategic Virtual Assistant to your team

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Schedule a consultation with a Chief Strategist to discuss the support you are looking for.

Confirm a Plan

Once we've confirmed we're a good fit to work together, you'll be sent a detailed summary and invoice for payment.

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Let's Get To Work!

We'll start with a plan of attack to work on your priority tasks first as well as agree on a regular check-in cadence.

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What Information Is Needed To Get Started?

It helps when you have an idea of the specific support you need in order to get to the next level. Even if you’re unsure about what or how to delegate, at least have ongoing tasks in mind. In addition, consider what has worked well and not so well in the past with assistants. This includes knowing how you prefer to work and communicate with your assistant. Having a rough idea of these things will have a significant impact on our ramp-up time when you begin working with your strategic virtual assistant.

Outsource your project coordination & administrative duties

What's the Difference Between A Virtual Assistant and A Strategic Virtual Assistant?

Virtual Assistants over the last few years have become the new buzzword. A virtual assistant (VA) is typically someone that works part-time to provide support to an individual, department, or organization support with scheduling appointments, email marketing, or social media management. VA’s, if deployed properly, will have a direct impact on a business’s trajectory toward reaching goals as well as have a positive return on investment. Because VA’s typically don’t work a full 40-hour work week, their efforts should be extremely results-driven and hyperfocused on completing tasks in a timely manner. What sets our Strategic Virtual Assistants (SVA) apart from the rest is that we act as a thought partner for the women executives we support. We talk strategically about how to reach long-term goals and how to work through solving challenges as they arise. 
Organizations within the service-based industry will benefit most from adding an SVA to their team as we support in project coordination/management and tracking/reporting program outcomes. Additionally, our typical clients are women executives and entrepreneurs that have multiple roles like being an author, educator, board member, or philanthropist. These women benefit greatly from our SVA services because we are able to provide boundaries that push back on overextending themselves as well as helping to scale down their overflowing plate.

"As a workforce business developer, I've worked with small-business executives in various industries that seem to all struggle with knowing how to organize and grow their team. Most of them had the capability to do more but couldn't figure out how to expand their capacity. With that, I began creating customized plans to develop their team and move to the next level without compromising their quality of service."

- LaNice West
   Owner, Chief Strategist

LaNice West, Owner and Professional Strategic Virtual Assistant

Meet Your Chief Strategist

LaNice West

LaNice West is the Founder and Chief Strategist of Capital Back Office Solutions (CBOS) and most recently became a board member for the Choose T.R.U.E. Project where she serves as the Chief of Staff. She is a graduate and Caroliniana award recipient from the University of South Carolina and now lives in the DMV area with her husband and three fur babies. LaNice is a Society of Human Resource- Certified Professional and has over 10 years of experience in workforce and project/grant management. 
We provide customizable relief for executive women that feel overworked and consumed with a never-ending task list. Our strategic virtual services provide hourly support, including regular realignment calls that reduce stress, as we check things off the to-do list! We strive to be relatable to our clients (no need to code switch) in order to create a comfortable and long term working relationship. Some of our on-demand offerings include email/calendar management project coordination and community management. 
Why Use A Virtual Assistant?

Advantages of Using A Strategic Virtual Assistant For Your Business

We know it can be difficult to relinquish tasks, especially if this is your first time or you haven’t had the best experience with support staff. That’s why it’s imperative to feel comfortable working with us and sharing how you prefer to communicate in an effort to move toward a trusting and long-term working relationship with us. Our all-female team looks forward to relating to you on both a personal and professional level. We want to be more than just support staff, we strive to strategize and work with you as your organization grows. If you’re ready to begin your journey to increased goal attainment and future stress-free workdays and work-free vacations, schedule a consultation today.

Let’s find out more about Strategic Virtual Assistant programs!

The Right Balance

We assist in creating and maintaining boundaries to bring about more work-life balance.

You Are In Control

We work / communicate based on your preferences.

Communication & Transparency

We want to ensure your satisfaction while working with us.

Trustworthy & Reliable

We relate to you on a personal level to ensure your comfort in letting go of the tasks you want us to handle.

Long Term Partnership

We act as the long-term assistant strategic thought partner to prioritize objectives and resolve challenges.

Goal Oriented & Accountability

We hold you accountable for reclaiming your time. We'll ask probing questions to ensure you remain on track to hit your goals.

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Gain a thought partner and outsource your administrative duties

Affordable Pricing For A Professional Strategic Virtual Assistant

Ready to move forward? After an initial phone discussion about your business and expectations, you will receive a contract and an invoice based on the plan selected. The invoice will be sent through where you can set up a vendor profile to securely make payments. Additional discounts are offered for those that choose to pay for three or more months in advance.

Basic Principal

$1,260/ Month

Up to 40 Hours Per Month

Hyper-Focused Admin Support

Data Support

Calendar Management

Basic Bookkeeping

Social Media & Communication Management

Professional Organization

$2,490/ Month

Up to 80 Hours Per Month

"Basic Principal" Services

Lead Follow-up

Invoice Payment & Reconciliation


Arrange Travel

Process Development

Executive Strategy

$3,695/ Month

Up to 80 Hours Per Month

"Professional Organization" Services

Project Coordination

Business Management

Document Development

Strategic Planning Support

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Thank you for expressing an interest in working with Capital Back Office Solutions. Our first step is to chat over the phone about your human resources and/or virtual assistant needs. Please share a bit about your organization and chose an available date/time to get started. We look forward to connecting!

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